Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual Backgrounds

Show your Duck pride (or announce your college decision) with a virtual background. You can download images or animated backgrounds by clicking on the thumbnails below. Need help adding a background? Here are instructions for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Animated Backgrounds

Glowing smoke wafting from a glowing O logo
The Oregon Duck bouncing through space above Earth
Yellow abstract background for video conference calls

Image Backgrounds

Ducks football team playing at night at Autzen Football Stadium
Fisheye view of the student section at a Ducks football game
Excited students with the Duck
Orange tulips in front of a brick building
View looking out at the front of a glass wall with the O logo above the doors
View from outside looking at the glass enterance of Lillis Building with the O logo above the doors
An fisheye aerial view of campus looking towards hills in the background.
An aerial view of the quad in front of the Lillis Business building
An aerial view of students forming the O logo on the Autzen Stadium football field
A dark room with the Oregon Duck entering through the door.
Oregon Duck climbing a tree
A view into an office with the Oregon Duck arms outstretched
Oregon Duck on their stomach looking at the camera
Oregon Duck sitting on a chair at the foot of a bed in a student dorm room
Oregon Duck dressed as Darth Vader with a light saber paraading past students at a football game
Cartoon of "Oregon Bound" as letters hanging from string
A drawing of the Oregon Duck, arms upraised, with an abstract wallpaper of flying ducks in the background